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School Council

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The School Council meet regularly to discuss ideas, issues and concerns about the school. They have been involved in reviewing our Behaviour and Anti Bullying policies, as well as coming up with ideas such as the astro turf pitch and visiting other schools.

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School Council Representatives

Year 2      Megan Davies & Cole Smith

Year 3      Ava Cox & Tyler Shipley

Year 4      Ketsia Mbala & Rory Lane

Year 5      Ava Savage Mountford & Zac Shingler

Year 6      Grace Beattie & Harrison Woodward Sims

All the School Councils within the Seven Stars have met on several occassions to visit each others' schools and share ideas.

In one of these meetings, we agreed on some Anti Bullying Strategies that should be in all our schools and designed a poster to put up in our schools.