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The Learning Challenge Curriculum


Our Learning Challenge Curriculum is centred around enquiry based learning. Units of work demand our children to be inquisitive, raising and answering questions, as scientists, historians, geographers and more.

Most units are led by a 'driver' subject, such as history or geography, which are taught discreetly so that our children acquire the subject specific sticky knowledge and vocabulary they need to help them know more and remember more. 

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Where there are clear and obvious opportunities to link a Learning Challenge to other subjects, teachers will plan this carefully. However, this will only happen when the sequence of learning for the subjects coincides. 

Retrieval practice is an integral part of our curriculum planning. This means that although specific subjects are taught at certain points across the year, the sticky knowledge acquired by learners is revisited regularly, supporting children's long-term memory and helping them to 'know more and remember more'.


Our Lesson Structure

Prior knowledge is crucial in a child’s ability to learn. When children are introduced to new ideas and concepts, they try to make sense of them by relating back to what they already know.

Our lessons always begin by activating prior knowledge which help the children to build upon their existing knowledge and understanding.

Below shows an example of 'the three circles' which is used at the start of lessons to explore what has previously been learned, what will be learned today and what the next steps for learning are.

*Example from a Year 6 science lesson

3 circles
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