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Pupil Premium


Key purpose of Pupil premium allocation

To narrow the gap between pupils considered to be disadvantaged through low-income, and all other pupils, by addressing inequalities and targeting support at these pupils.

From April 2012 any pupil eligible for FSM at any time in the preceding 6 years also attracts Pupil Premium funding, as deprivation at earlier stages of education is perceived to impact upon learning and prior attainment, regardless of the current parental income situation.

Many pupils at Carmountside Primary Academy are at risk of low attainment due to varying factors including low-income and SEN. A number of other factors indicate risk of low achievement and are higher than average within our school population: Transience (including previously excluded), Children Looked After, and a very high number of pupils eligible for free school meals. Whatever the barriers to achievement facing pupils at Carmountside, the school is committed to every child achieving and attaining to their maximum capability.

At our school the attainment gap between FSM pupil and all others is consistently very low and the Pupil Premium funding has been used to maintain and reduce this gap further, whilst striving to improve the attainment of all pupils.

Pupil premium Expenditure in financial year 2018/19

All areas identified for action and strategy using Pupil Premium funding, are included as priorities in the School Development Plan and Self-Evaluation documentation, with detailed proposals for implementation, action and expected outcomes.


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