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We will be successful, life-long learners with a curiosity to learn and a desire to succeed.

Our Vision Statement

Our school is here to provide a stimulating, secure and happy environment, where everyone aspires to excellence and our children can achieve their full personal potential in all they do. We promote the cooperative ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

Our school is known as a place where children and teachers enjoy working together enthusiastically to achieve high standards in every area of life. The warmth of our welcome and quality of care will be matched by excellent academic, creative, sporting and social achievement.

Our children are eager to learn and proud of their school and their own success. They will be caring towards others; aware of their responsibilities; encouraged to make considered choices to promote their own and the community’s well-being. They have a voice and it is heard.

Our staff are dedicated to developing both personally and professionally, working towards the aims and vision of the school. Staff will provide challenging and stimulating learning opportunities, working together to ensure the children achieve their very best. They help pupils adjust to the expectations of our school and enable the smooth transition from class to class, and school to school.

Our Governors are committed to the continuing development of the school. They will be supportive, confidential and understanding; set realistic goals; monitor the school’s commitment to excellence; and celebrate the school’s success. They maintain an ethos of raising standards through consultation, collaboration and partnership working.

Our parents are a vital and valued part of school life. They will work in partnership with the school to promote and encourage their children’s learning and development. They will follow the home/school agreement and support the aims, work and endeavours of the school.

Our school will be a cherished and active centre of the community.

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