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We respect by...

  • saying kind words
  • listening to everyone
  • finding a solution
  • staying calm in a crisis
  • looking after people and property
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Written by the School Council


We believe by...

  • achieving our goals and setting higher ones
  • having a can-do attitude
  • celebrating success and achievement
  • trying something new


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We achieve by...

  • setting the right example
  • making the right choices
  • allowing others to learn and excel
  • listening carefully to the adults 
  • having a supportive and resourceful school
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Our Values


Relationships that engender mutual respect between young people and all other members of our school community will ensure learning can be fun in a disciplined and caring environment where the highest expectations are the norm. Our young people will be given every opportunity to develop an awareness and respect for spiritual and moral values and an understanding of other religions, races and ways of life. 


We believe all young people have the potential to achieve great things. Young people should be encouraged to develop a crucial sense of possibility based on a well developed self awareness and ambition - ambition not only for themsleves but for the communities in which they work. 


All young people achieve things they can be proud of every day in addition to academic success and outside our school's planned curriculum. We have a vital role in ensuring individuals develop thier own talents and interests and have a responsibility to instil in them a sense of pride in who they are and what they achieve. 

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