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Welcome to Year 5!


In Literacy we will be linking our work to the Learning Challenge. During the Autumn term we will be considering Why people go into Space? As part of this we will research if people could live on the Moon and how we would survive living on a new planet like Mars. Children will be designing Mars buggies and will consider what features the buggies will need to explore the planet both with and without a driver.

The children will be planning, editing and producing a biography for Tim Peake, a famous astronaut who recently worked aboard the Space Station.

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During the Autumn term children will be working on place value upto 1,000,000 in their lessons they will identify values of digits in both words and numbers, while they will also be looking at a variety of pictoral representations of the numbers.

Following this we will be moving on to 5 digit addition and subtraction using formal column method with alot of emphasis on problem solving and reasoning. Children will develop their skills of reasoning through explaining their calculations and appying the skills they have learnt to a range of word and practical problems.

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