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Superhero Learners!

Super Powers!

This half term, we have been learning all about what makes a superhero!

We have done lots of work learning about what kinds of superpowers we would like to have so that we can be superhero learners!

We enjoyed reading lots of different superhero stories, which inspired us to do our own superhero writing.

We used clay to make our very own superhero models, and we designed and made our own superhero underpants and t-shirts!


Super Learners

We had loads of fun 'saving' the planet from the 'evil' Autumn trees - we got to dress up in our superhero costumes, and used our powers to pick up all of the leaves that had fallen from the trees.

It was brilliant! We really enjoyed being superheroes, and we know some of our own super powers - being resilient, sharing, being kind to our friends and working hard in class!

Kerpow! Biff! Bang! We are superhero learners!