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Carmountside Community Pre-School Group

Mission Statement:                                                                 Carmountside Community Pre-School encourages each child to develop and flourish in a happy, supportive and secure environment, enabling them to be confident, challenged, and successful and to have high self-esteem.                              We work in partnership with parents and local advisors to understand and provide the highest quality childcare for each child.                                                                                       We embrace the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and apply the four key themes; Unique child, Positive relationships, Enabling environments, Learning and development to the basis of our approach to early learning and development.


  • To maintain and keep providing high quality childcare with a happy atmosphere within a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

  • To encourage the development of self-esteem and independence which will help children to make a natural transition to full-time schooling.

  • To ensure each child is supported in developing their potential at their own pace by means of developmentally appropriate play activities and a high level of individual adult input.

  • To provide activities and experiences that are planned to meet their individual stages of development within the early years foundation stage.

  • To always look at ways to improve and update the environment, layout, equipment and resources available within the Pre-school

  • To assist in the early identification of children & families requiring additional support

Quality Standards:                                                               The school/group are registered by Ofsted for Early Years provision.For further information regarding spaces, please contact Mrs Lynch or Mrs Matthews on 07887249995 or visit the Pre-School:                                                                       For further information regarding funding please see our Two Year Funding page or visit the website: